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Activities & Events

While you look for the best skilled nursing facility, don’t disregard the activities provided to residents on the premises. At Gracelen Terrace, our residents are given and we incorporate a variety of activities to meet each resident’s needs. The resident-centered philosophy fills Gracelen Terrace’s entire staff with commitment and compassion.

At Gracelen Terrace in Portland, Oregon, keeping our residents involved with intriguing and diverse activities and events is a sure way to promote healing and restoration. Our activities and events programming helps to ensure that all of our residents be able to to live life to their fullest potential. Activities are personalized to a resident’s individual interests and capabilities.

Social Activities: Gracelen Terrace serves several interpersonal programs which will promote individual relationship and connections. Events, games, musical entertainment, and interesting excursions, are a few of the numerous social activities presented here.

Emotional Programs: Our emotionally-inspired programs consist of: personal visits, reminisce groups, celebration occasions for all our residents, and much more.

Physical Activities: We encourage stronger bodies, bones, co-ordination, and, muscles, via a number of physical exercise and activity plans intended to develop or preserve actual physical well-being.

Spiritual Activities: Our spiritual and non secular services concentrate on requirements which are very important to a number of our residents. You will find numerous programs at Gracelen Terrace that encourage spiritual well-being and spiritual fulfillment.

Intellectual Activities: Numerous programs concentrate on challenging the mind. Our objective is always to help you stay engaged and stimulated with group activities, for example: potery corner, dice gams, Helping Hands Projects, sensory Group, trivia, sing-a-longs, art group and much more. .

Gracelen Terrace Activities